A return to blogging...

Well, its been a while! I promise I've been trying to keep busy in the meanwhile. Lots of applications, proposals, and papers to write in 2017 - I'm looking forward to it; especially after a not-so-ideal end to 2016, with my computer, camera, and passport getting stolen via rental car break-in robbery. Oh well, at least all my data/codes/research were backed up - so there's a silver lining in there somewhere (back up your data people!)

In other news, I will be attending an IODP Early Career workshop from tomorrow until Wednesday at my home institution, the Institute for Geophysics. I am excited to see familiar faces as well as meet new, young scientists, and learn about the intricacies of writing IODP proposals. 

I hope to blog regularly in the upcoming year and keep myself on a schedule. Let's see if I can keep all the balls bouncing. Until the next blog post, I will leave you with a video of sea-surface temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico: http://i.imgur.com/UalJ6Ba.gifv